“Designing the future today – a style so simple it’s complex”

Driven to assist others to not just felling comfortable with their choices in style and fashion, but being a platform that assist in others wearing clothes with confidence.
We have a mix background that was united with style. Fashion is like music the right piece always has the ability to bring everything together. 

Hello, we are the Manson’s! A family dedicated to a creative space. Our style is Bold, sophisticated, and sleek we pride on dressing the future today. We created Decipher Style Boutique because everywhere we went we were asked where did you get that outfit? That question lingered in our minds! That question is why we decided to create a one stop shop.
Angela Manson and Teri “Lyric” Green- Manson co-founded the company on October 24, 2018 in honor of their parents who are no longer with us. With hopes of helping others find clothes that help them look as smart as they are, as stylish as they desire, as bold as they inspire, and as unique as they are.


We started off as

a very small business

The parent company of Decipher Style is Lite Technology Solutions, LLC. By profession Teri “Lyric” Green - Manson is a CIO/CISO who always say, “I allow my style to be a voice when I’m quiet! I feel when I walk in a room my style commands attention and quickly reminds others to never judge a book by its cover nor a girl with her bowtie!

Angela Manson is beyond creative it flows from her pours and through her profession, as her passion is driven in the field of Forensic Psychology. Her style is vibrant, and unspeakable at times. When asked what message she feels her style conveys? She simply states, “Confidence!” 

Left - Teri "Lyric" Green-Manson - CTO of Decipher Style Boutique
Right- Angela Manson - CEO of Decipher Style Boutique